Scaffolding course FAQ's

Whether you’re a construction professional or a newbie looking to enter the industry, scaffolding training is a great first step to open doors to career opportunities. Our courses, ranging from Basic to Advanced levels, are designed to equip you with the necessary skills and licence required in today’s competitive construction sector.


What will I learn in the Basic Scaffolding course?

In the Basic Scaffolding course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of erecting and dismantling various types of scaffolding, including prefabricated modular and mobile scaffolds, tank bracketed scaffolds, safety nets, and material hoists.


Who needs a Basic Scaffolding ticket?

  1. Workers involved in installing or erecting scaffolding or working at heights such as in painting or roofers or Solar Installers.
  2. Individuals entering the construction industry. This is even a great course to get you started in the right direction even if you don’t know exactly what trade you want to get into.
  3. Carpenters and other workers in the housing industry.
  4. Many sites require a Basic Scaffolding (SB) license for scaffold work even if the platform height is below 4 meters, regardless of Australian standards.


What are the prerequisites and focus of the Intermediate Scaffolding course?

Before enrolling in the Intermediate Scaffolding (SI) course, you must have completed the Basic Scaffolding course (SB) and successfully obtained your SB Class High Risk Work Licence (HRWL).

The intermediate course focuses on using tube and coupler scaffolding, mast climbers and timber planks, allowing for adjustable scaffold deck levels.


Who should pursue the Intermediate Scaffolding course?

This course is suited for those looking to advance in the scaffolding industry, particularly in areas like the shutdown refurbishment of power stations and other large structures.


What are the prerequisites and skills taught in Advanced Scaffolding ticket training?

To enrol in the Advanced Scaffolding course, you must have successfully completed the Intermediate Scaffolding course (SI) and obtained your SI Class HRWL.

The advanced course teaches you to construct suspended scaffolds from ceilings or frameworks and includes training on swinging stages for worker access.


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