How to get a job in the mines

It’s a tough world out there in the mines, with everyone scrambling to grab a spot in one of Australia’s most booming industries. The competition’s fierce, and it’s not just about who’s got the muscle or can handle the longest shift.

To get into the mines, you’ll first need to have your paperwork in order and the right training under your belt.


The first steps to getting into the mines

There are a few prerequisites to work on a mine site.

You’ll need:

  • To pass a drug and alcohol test
  • Valid driver’s licence (site requirements may vary)
  • National Police Clearance (for some sites)
  • Proof of Right to Work (e.g., birth certificate, driver’s license, passport)
  • And a Standard 11 (S11) induction or General Induction (GI) course


What is a Standard 11 Induction?

The Standard 11 is an entry-level, compulsory training required for all workers on coal mine sites in Queensland.

With the Standard 11, you’ll master a set of six nationally accredited units of competency:

  • RIIRIS201E – Conduct local risk control
  • RIIERR302E – Respond to local emergencies and incidents
  • RIIGOV201E – Comply with site work processes/procedures
  • RIIWHS201E – Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
  • RIIERR205D – Apply initial response First Aid
  • RIICOM201E – Communicate in the workplace

These cover everything from effective communication and understanding site processes to in-depth safety procedures, risk control measures, and first aid and emergency protocols.


Wondering where you can get the training? You’re in the right place! Ascent Training Solutions (RTO: 32108) delivers a Standard 11 induction that’ll have you prepped on paper and feeling confident for when you secure a job on site.


Useful courses to give you a competitive edge

Getting into the mines is highly competitive, so you’ll need to stand out. These tickets and licences can help you get an added bit of foot in the door:

  • High Risk Work Licences – Dogging, Rigging, Scaffolding, Crane
  • OH&S Tickets for Civil equipment i.e. Bobcat, Excavator, Roller etc.
  • Working at Heights (RIIWHS204E Work safely at heights)
  • Confined Spaces (RIIWHS202E Enter and work in confined spaces)
  • RII Dump Truck Ticket (RIIMPO337E Conduct articulated haul truck operations)

And you guessed it, we can provide those too!

Our trainers have experience in working in the mines, so they know exactly what it takes to secure a job and grow within the industry – invaluable insights. During the course with Ascent, you’ll have access to their wealth of knowledge, feel free to ask them for a few helpful pointers.


How to get a job in the mines? Start with Ascent Training Solutions’ courses

Sure, the competition is as tough as the work, but with the right prep—like getting your Standard 11 Induction sorted with Ascent —you’re setting yourself up for a good start.

Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you along your career pathway.