RIGGING (Basic – Intermediate – Advanced)

Our Rigging Courses are nationally recognised that will give you the knowledge and skills to safely construct framework in different working environments. Build up from basic to advanced levels and get more complex skills.

Our Rigging Courses cover outcomes required to perform basic, intermediate and advanced rigging work associated with movement of plant and equipment, steel erections, hoists (including mast climbing hoists), placement of pre-cast concrete, safety nets and static lines, slinging techniques, including the selection and inspection of lifting gear and/or the directing of the crane operator in the movement of the load when the load is out of view of the crane, rigging of gin poles, flying foxes and cable ways, fabricated hung scaffolds and cantilever crane loading platforms for licensing purposes.

Our Trainers and Assessors have a wealth of knowledge that comes from years of experience in the industry and will prepare you for life in the work force. Our highly skilled and friendly trainers will conduct the scaffolding course in a way that makes you feel comfortable, confident and ready to get a job in the Rigging industry. We strive to provide real work conditions and teach you how to keep yourself and others safe.


(Pre-requisite CPCCLDG3001A Licence to perform dogging)

CPCCLRG3001A – Licence to perform rigging basic level

Courses are 5 Days and run fortnightly.


(Pre-requisite CPCCLRG3001A)

CPCCLRG3002A – Licence to perform rigging intermediate level

Courses are 5 Days and run monthly


(Pre-requisite CPCCLRG3002A)

CPCCLRG4001A – Licence to perform rigging advanced level

Courses are 5 Days and run monthly

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CPCCLDG3001A Licence to perform dogging

CPCCWHS1001 Work safely in the construction industry

RIIHAN309E Conduct telescopic materials handler operations (telehandler)

RIIMPO317E Conduct roller operations

RIIMPO318E Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations

RIIMPO320E Conduct civil construction excavator operations

RIIMPO321E Conduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations

RIIMPO323D Conduct civil construction dozer operations

RIIMPO326D Conduct civil construction water cart operations